How to live (and why); Where to go (and how); What to eat & drink (and where)


Tommy Kerns

(carry-on items)
Headphones: Bose Noise Cancelling 700.
Grooming brands: Baxter of California.
Luggage: Depends on the flight – my Billykirk x ButterScotch overnight bag for quickies; for longer trips my Mission Workshop Arkiv and Away Aluminum roller.
Jet lag remedy: Plenty of water and sleep.

Most-used apps: Mail; Messages; Instagram.
Magazines: Meta; British GQ; Iron & Air; Cereal.
Newspapers: New York Times.
Airline: Jet Blue (domestic); Virgin Atlantic (international).
Airport: Long Beach, California.
Hotels: Any Ace Hotel or The Hoxton group of open-house hotels.
Restaurants: I’m not a huge foodie, which I know is a sin probably to most, but I go where the locals go. Sit me down and feed me. Don’t make me wait three hours or schedule my visit four months in advance – I’m not about that life.
Bars: I don’t drink so I couldn’t care…

Billykirk x Butterscotch overnight bag.
Biannual Cereal magazine.
Biannual Cereal magazine.

Watch: Rolex GMT Master II.
Camera: Fujifilm X100F.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer.
Stationery: OTHO .3mm click pen; Field Notes large notebooks.
Fragrance: Bergamote 22 Le Labo.
Jeans: Nudie Lean Dean Japan Selvege; Momotaro 15.7oz Tight Tapered.
Trainers: Adidas Iniki.

Favourite meal to cook at home: Blueberry pancakes and a double espresso.
Cocktail: If I did drink, more than likely a Jack & Cola.
Street food: Los Angeles street tacos.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class.
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class.
The Hoxton hotel in Brooklyn NYC.
The Hoxton hotel in Brooklyn NYC.

Watching: Ozark.
Reading: Emails…
Listening: Inside Friend by Leon Bridges ft. John Mayer.

Bike: So many to choose… BMW R 18; rebuilt BMW R75 (by Rough-Child Moto); Norton Dominator SS; MV Agusta RSV1.
Car: I’ll take a Ford GT40 … or an International Scout.
Destination: Copenhagen or Japan.

Rolex GMT Master II.
Rolex GMT Master II.
Taco truck in Los Angeles.
Taco truck in Los Angeles.

Tommy Kerns is the owner of Butterscotch in Long Beach, California – a men’s store dedicated to clothing, coffee and all things on two wheels. He is the main protagonist in A Bavarian Soulstory, a BMW Motorrad production hosted on YouTube as a series profiling the new R 18 and history of BMW.
Watch A Bavarian Soulstory

Interviewed by Barry Havenga for LNLA

Ozark Season 3.
Ozark Season 3.
International Harvester Scout.
International Harvester Scout.